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Trump weak sauce answers abortion, Megan Kelly NOT having it

todaySeptember 19, 2023 21

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Former President Donald Trump was interviewed by Megyn Kelly last week, and his answers turned a lot of heads.

While his condemnation of Governor Ron DeSantis’ Florida heartbeat bill as a “terrible mistake” was one of his most controversial statements, he also seemed to dodge Kelly on some issues that are incredibly important to Republican voters.

“Can a man become a woman?” Kelly asked Trump, to which he responded: “In my opinion, you have a man, you have a woman.”

“I think part of it is birth. Can the man give birth? No, no. Although they’ll come up with some answer to that also someday,” he continued.

Kelly was not pleased with his answer. “I thought it was weak sauce,” she tells Glenn Beck.

She explains that the answer should be “obviously no,” adding, “and it’s not determined based on who can give birth. It’s determined by God and it’s pretty obvious just as soon as you come out of the womb. That’s the way it’s always been.”

Glenn believes this is Trump’s way of securing independent voters, as he’s already winning in the polls and may not be worried.

“I think he looks at the poll numbers and thinks there’s, I mean, ‘I’m going to win, so why not start a moderate campaign now because I’m going to win the primary,’” he says.

While both Kelly and Glenn note this could be a losing strategy, they’re also aware that just his presence alone will drive voter turnout.

“He’s Trump, and there’s something about him that, you know, his core constituency finds very appealing, and you know that 30% isn’t going to abandon him, even if he comes out and says he wants abortions in the ninth month,” Kelly says.

While he’s obviously not going to come out in support of late-term abortions, Kelly believes that “he’s really more banking on the fact that he appointed the three justices who made the difference on Roe v. Wade and he’s not going to lose any Republican voters to Joe Biden on the issue of abortion.”

“He’s playing the long game,” she adds.

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