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Macron wants von der Leyen replaced – Bloomberg — RT World News

[ad_1] French president is reportedly considering former European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi as an alternative head of the Commission French President Emmanuel Macron is seeking to replace European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and is currently discussing options with other EU leaders, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing sources.Von der Leyen is now gearing up for elections in less than two months, seeking to secure another five-year term. Macron, […]

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Nevada couple reunited with missing cat after 5 years and a 1,200 mile trip

[ad_1] A Nevada couple received their own “miracle” when they were reunited with their lost cat who somehow ended up more than 1,200 miles away in Arkansas. Cindy and Jeff Hall were devastated when their rescue cat, Sam, a Russian Blue, went missing five years ago while at their former Arizona residence. “We had him for seven years and then one day he got out,” Cindy told KARK News. Cindy […]

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A-list olds boost Biden; Netflix toasts journo we’d ‘Rather’ forget

[ad_1] CBS’ Dan Rather ended his nightly telecasts in the mid 2000s with the word “courage.”An online news site just posted a negative Taylor Swift review without a byline, fearing the Swifties’ wrath.We’ve come a long way, baby.Not only do today’s journalists cover for President Joe Biden’s mental decline, they can’t even stand up to pre-teens on social media.Then again, the CBS anchor is back in the news despite the […]

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North Korean officials make rare public visit to Iran — RT World News

[ad_1] Pyongyang’s international trade minister Yun Jong Ho is leading the delegation, the state-run KCNA news agency has reported A high-profile North Korean delegation is making a rare foreign visit to Iran, the state-run KCNA news agency has reported. The last time officials from Pyongyang made a publicly announced trip to Tehran was in 2019.A delegation headed by North Korea’s minister for external economic relations, Yun Jong Ho, departed for […]

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Dead dolphin discovered on beach with bullets ‘lodged’ in brain, spine and heart

[ad_1] A dolphin was found shot to death on a Louisiana beach last month — and now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] is offering $20,000 for information on who was responsible for the sick act. The juvenile bottlenose dolphin was discovered on West Mae’s Beach in Cameron Parish, Louisiana on March 14. NOAA’s stranding network partner, Audubon Aquarium Rescue, recovered the dolphin and transported it to the Audubon […]

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Turley points out the glaring issue with Trump hush money trial that may backfire on prosecutors: ‘Pretty damaging’

[ad_1] Legal expert Jonathan Turley is pointing out why Donald Trump's hush money trial may ultimately help him politically.On Monday, trial arguments began in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's case against the former president. Trump is accused of falsifying business records related to payments made to Stormy Daniels. The trial is expected to take weeks, which means Trump's ability to campaign is severely hampered. President Joe Biden, meanwhile, is ramping […]

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Polish director to release AI-generated Putin biopic — RT World News

[ad_1] Described as a “psychological thriller,” the film promises a “detailed analysis” of the Russian leader’s life and mind The “world premiere” of a new biopic of Russian President Vladimir Putin featuring an AI-rendered central character has been announced by the Polish studio AIO.According to a statement issued via PR Leap, the film, which was first announced in May 2022 and is titled ‘Putin’, will be released in 35 countries on […]

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Swiss Air jet nearly collides with four other planes on JFK runway

[ad_1] A Swiss Air jet nearly crashed into four other planes at JFK airport after a communications error put them on the runway at the same time. The Zurich-bound Swiss Air flight had been cleared for takeoff on April 17 and began rushing down the runway, but hit the brakes after noticing that air traffic control also cleared the path for four other planes, ABC 7 reports. A Swiss Air jet […]

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Gorsuch leads the charge against judicial overreach

[ad_1] Liberals control the legal profession, from the law schools and litigious nonprofits to the bar associations and judges (including many Republican appointees). Judicial supremacy, implemented through “universal injunctions,” allows any liberal legal group to tap one of 670 district judges in 94 district courts to decide on a broad range of public policies, which the political elite then treat as “law.” The good news: Evidence seems to suggest that […]

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Another pro-Palestinian protest dispersed in New York (VIDEOS) — RT World News

[ad_1] Multiple demonstrators have been arrested outside NYU business school, authorities have said Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters have gathered at New York University, with the rally later broken up by police who made a number of arrests, according to local officials and media reports.NYU spokesman John Beckman said the demonstration kicked off on Monday morning on Could Plaza in front of the Stern School of Business and some 50 people […]

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